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ill titletricks

If you're anything like me, you enjoy scaring the crap out of your family & friends.

Here's some of my favorite practical jokes that are sure to give your unsuspecting victim a jump and give you a great laugh.

If you use any of these and catch it on video, I'll be happy to take a look and maybe feature it on the site! Just shoot an email to Mr. Frights.



Bloody Shower

The newest addition to our list of fun pranks for Halloween...

Unscrew a showerhead, add red juice powder or gelatin [Jell-O], put the shower head back on. The next person to take a shower will get a big surprise when they are doused with "blood".

We're looking for people who want to have a little fun and actually pull the prank on friends or family. Get some video or photos of you setting it up, then get some photos or video of the aftermath of the prank. Send those in to Mr. Frights and the best ones will be featured on the website.

It has to be a true prank, no setups, no acting. It has to be clean, no nudity or anything, blurring it out is ok as long as it's completely blurred out, no hints of detail.

We'll post the best ones on the website, maybe do an article/interview about the timeline of the prank from start to finish.

We encourage people to think hard about the potential for staining any walls, curtains, towels, rugs, etc.. We don't want that to happen so maybe test it out and make sure whatever it is you use for the prank can be easily cleaned up.

Most of all we just want you to have fun!

Send entries here.


Creepy Thing Scare

Definitely one of my favorites... Get yourself a creepy toy, something sort of disturbing, maybe even a life size severed head or something else gruesome & hide it places all over the victims home (i.e. the freezer, a closet at eye level, medicine cabinet, just inside a door hanging from the ceiling at eye level). Don't stop because it gets funnier every time it pops up. Do this at intervals of at least a few days, once a week or longer so it doesn't get old & your victim has a chance to relax. (I use a mostly naked & hairy Austin Powers action figure. Totally creepy)


Ice Body Parts Scare

Grab something that's shaped like a body part, some kind of mold (perhaps powder free rubber gloves, a semi-hard plastic monster mask, brain shaped Jell-O mold) - if you use a mask, make sure all the holes are taped up - fill the mold with water, set it in the freezer for a couple days (make sure it's level) then slip the ice parts into a punch bowl or the tub or toilet. Use food coloring to get some cool color effects like red or green. You could even put stuff inside the ice like gag eye balls


Water Scare

Take some strong tape, maybe duct tape, wrap it around the back side of the opening in a sink faucet. Make sure it's hidden pretty well, you don't want it to get noticed. Also, don't go using that faucet until the trap is sprung so you don't get yourself. Make sure the tape is formed so that the water shoots out the front toward the unsuspecting victim. When they turn on the water, awesome...


Candy Bowl Scare

I admit, I saw this one on a Martha Stewart special. Get a large bowl, preferably with a bit of a raised base to it. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bowl (keeping the base in tact). Use a rubber glove (or some other kind of glove) and fit it into the hole. Secure it to the base so the candy or whatever doesn't fall out. Then stick your hand in the glove and when you offer someone some of whatever's in the bowl, scare the crap out of them by grabbing at them or something.